Wedding Kharkiv

Dec 06, 2016

Wedding Kharkiv


Wedding clips are short but capacious films about a wedding, or just about a walk of newlyweds. The wedding clip is created on the basis of the captured wedding video and photo material, it contains the most vivid and interesting shots, and it usually becomes the most popular and shown wedding video clip. This is quite logical, because it is in such a short and unobtrusive version that you can tell about your wedding, about her mood, emotions, funny moments. All the best, without delays and lyrical digressions will be collected in this wedding video. Wedding clips can be both romantic and funny, both small and large. Wedding clips will be the hallmark of your wedding among those who see them.

Professional video shooting is an essential attribute of a wedding in Kharkov. One of the main directions of our work is the production of wedding videos, clips dedicated to the solemn event such as your wedding. Using the video wedding service you get a wonderful opportunity to capture and save the most pleasant, exciting and important moments of the wedding.

Wedding videography takes place with an emphasis on the heroes of the occasion, but we do not forget about the guests present at the wedding, paying attention to the place where the wedding video takes place, decorations, landscapes and other aspects of the environment, which creates a holistic picture. Wedding scenarios at the festive Art Portal.

We have modern equipment and the latest non-linear editing programs. Using computer editing (creating wedding clips, inserting photos, overlaying sound, editing footage, inserting captions, footage) we will create an original artistic production, and you will get a beautiful exclusive wedding film, it will be nice to watch it again and again, remembering that holiday. The finished wedding video is recorded on DVD or in FullHD format on your hard drive or USB flash drive for later viewing on a computer or LCD TV. A beautiful wedding cover is created.

wedding Kharkov video filming of weddings in Kharkov

Turning to us, we will advise you free of charge on the issues of conducting and organizing video filming of your wedding in Kharkov. We give recommendations, tips.